Delivering True Digital Transformation for Banks in Emerging Markets

The banking sector has seen an invasion of innovation and competition in recent years led by digitalization.

Today every bank is talking about digitalization and wants to become a complete “digital bank” which goes well beyond just what meets the customer’s eyes and fingers but digitalization has to happen at both internal as well as the customer-facing front. In this pursuit, every bank is functioning as a technology company and the whole business is seen through the lens of digital technologies.

But before a bank decides a right path to digital transformation, should understand that a digital front-end without a robust and strong back-end is just like imitation jewellery; well-packaged and designed but not built to last long and deliver returns over an extended period of time.

A right approach is a collaborative approach in which a digital front-end is supported by a robust back-end.

As a preferred vendor to many banks in emerging markets Aurionpro has delivered cutting edge digital transaction banking solution enabling banks to improve the efficiency of payment transactions and reduce time-to-market for new offerings.

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